Activities 1999

7th December – Voice over the Internet

Richard Heyes, Managing Director of UUNET UK spoke to members at a dinner at the Congress Club.
He addressed the threat to incumbent telecoms companies of normal voice calls being made over the Internet e.g., a call to Australia, China, or the United States for the price of a local call.

28th June – APIG Summer Reception

The 1999 Summer Reception was sponsored by the Internet Service Providers Association.
Michael Wills MP, Telecoms Minister addressed a packed reception on the terrace of the House of Commons.

23rd March – Building consumer confidence in E-commerce

Trustmarque and Europay International gave presentations on aspects of e-commerce.
Dr John Williams of Trustmarque proposed the interesting concept of an “e-ministry”.
Paul Lucraft explained about the dangers of fraud on the Internet and how many European card payment schemes think they have this problem cracked with SET (Secure Electronic Transactions standard) which sends personal financial information directly to the bank.
In addition Roger Berry offered a web site design service for MPs.

26th January – On-Line Government: the Australian Way

Dr Julia Schofield who has worked in Australia assisting with the transition to on-line government by introducing various electronic service delivery systems for the citizen at state, federal and local government levels, gave a presentation showing some examples of her work, in particular; Centrelink, Victoria Government and the Australian Tax Office.